Our heritage

Ecorys was established in 1929 by a group of Rotterdam businessmen as the Dutch Economical Institute, abbreviated as NEI (N for Netherlands). The goals of NEI were to ‘promote the study of economic research' in general and the ‘collection and elaboration of economic data to support public policy decisions’ in particular.

The NEI published economic statistical reports and had a close relationship with the Erasmus University. Nobel Prize winner for Economics, Professor Jan Tinbergen, was a member of the Board of Ecorys for more than 30 years. Under his management NEI became the knowledge leader on applied economical policy research. This leading position stimulated the growth in policy research assignments in the emerging European market and strategic consultancy assignments in the Dutch home market.

Due to this market success the commercial activities were separated from the scientific studies. In present times, Ecorys still maintains a close relation with the scientific world. The profits of the commercial activities are still used to support the scientific research on economical issues of the institute (NEI). Ecorys also sponsors the ‘Regional Economic Dynamics’ which is an academic seat of Professor Henri de Groot at the Vrije Unversiteit of Amsterdam.

With six other European research and advice agencies, the European Economic Research and Advisory Consortium was established in 1993. The merger with the English ‘Ecotect Research & Consultancy’ in 2000, strengthen the strong European position to the countries of the Commonwealth.

Ecorys has offices in Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, India, Croatia, Poland, Russia, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Additionally we are permanently represented in Bangladesh, the Caribbean (NL), Jordan, Lesotho, Ukraine, Romania, Singapore, Washington D.C., Zambia and Zimbabwe. Ecorys has project offices in more than 100 countries to support the policy programs of our international clients.