Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) for Ecorys means that we take account of the impacts of our business activities on society, the environment and the economy. We have applied the people-planet-profit principle to our labour conditions, travel, purchasing and facility management regulations. Ecorys strives to achieve its goals in a sustainable and responsible manner. We continuously work on the improvement and concretisation of our CSR policy:

- Reduction of our CO2 footprint by more than 80% since 2007
- 100% sustainable energy in our main office since 2010
- Eco (CO2) compensation for all flights since 2010
- ISO14001-certified since February 2011

Ecorys employees contribute (inter)nationally to the sustainable development of our society by carrying out the work we do for our clients. What inspires us is that we can make a positive difference to society by achieving the goals of our clients. We ask all our consultants to subscribe and commit themselves to our 'Code of Business Ethics', which we monitor with our ISO 9001-certified quality system.