Partners in projects

Ecorys globally assists private and public leaders on a broad range of policy research and implementation programs. Some of these (framework) contracts are assigned to a consortium due to diversity or volume of resources needed or geographical location or diversity. For these types of contracts, Ecorys is looking for partners and freelance consultants which are experts in their field of operation and are willing to deliver their services under the program management and quality assurance of Ecorys.

Long-term partnerships
At Ecorys we sincerely believe that our reputation is maintained and strengthened by the experts we work with on a regular basis. Partners and associate consultants are part of our services delivery process. Therefore we want to invest in long-term relationships based on mutual trust and commitment by sharing knowledge, responsibility and values. Practically this translates into a unified delivery process, participating in our project and quality management systems and subscribing to our  'Code of Business Ethics'. Please contact us when you or your company can make a valuable contribution to our client's cause.