Food and agriculture

Food and agriculture policy makers are facing a major challenge: in order to feed the world population in 2050 the food production will have to double. At the same time, the environmental and health regulations are tightened to ensure safe and sustainable transformation of the bio-industry that will meet the requirements and the standards of the 21th century. Food and agriculture is an important sector in our home market and the European Union as well, therefore Ecorys is well positioned to assist policy makers to assess the economic and environmental effects of innovations and policy programs in this field of expertise.

Sample projects, please contact us for specific references:

  • Impact Assessment on Blue Biotechnology.
  • Policy study on exchange programmes for young farmers in Europe.
  • Policy study to reduce the consumption of unhealthy food with taxes.
  • Several Framework contracts on Food Safety and Health regulations
    (e.g. European Commission and Parliament).