Circular economy

The current economic system is based on a 'take -make -waste' cycle. To preserve the world for future generations we have to transform this linear consumption system into a circular re-use system. In a circular system we use discarded materials by reusing them as raw materials and energy in the production of new goods. This requires a lot of coordination and conviction to all parties involved. With feasibility studies and impact analysis we can provide the factual evidence that these initiatives are beneficial from economic, social and environmental perspective.  

Sample projects, please contact us for specific references:

  • Treating waste as a resource , analysis of various waste markets in Europe.
  • Effects on consumer behaviour of online sustainability information displays.
  • Analysis on waste streams and the potential of industrial symbiosis to promote waste as a resource for the European Industry.
  • Establishing and assessing an inventory of methodologies for evaluating effectiveness and cost-effectiveness / economic efficiency of environment and climate policies.