Energy and climate action

Global energy demand is expected to at least double by 2050 while the depletion of fossil energy sources continues. Symptoms of demand-supply imbalances are already being felt: oil and gas prices have tripled since the year 2002 ($ 20 per barrel) while production increase only 20 to 30 percent in the same period. The global warming is likely affect the production cost and the energy will be a global issues this century. Ecorys has supported decision makers with impact analysis, scenario planning, feasibility studies and policy making on these topics.

Sample projects, please contact us for specific references:

  • Impact Assessment Ocean Renewable Energy.
  • Carbon leakage and competitiveness assessment Europe for 2015-2019.
  • Feasibility study for renewable energy and research and innovation capacity in the sub-Saharan region.
  • Competitiveness of energy-intensive industries in Europe under the Emissions Trading System (compared to regions without ETS regulations).