Multi modal transport

While short distance transport may be unimodal (road) transport, the use of a combination of transport modes connected through efficient transhipment processes has proven to be important in the advancement of the logistics performance of economies, whether these are already developed or in phases of development. An understanding of the mechanisms and user behaviour is crucial in order to be able to develop effective policies for further enhancement.

To demonstrate our leading position in multi-modal transport consultancy and help promote the benefits in Europe, Ecorys has launched a free web based service called Intermodal Links. It is the first independent, online search engine that finds the best and fastest intermodal service provider for container transport between more than 500 terminals in Europe. A client customized version is available. The ports of Zeeland Seaports and Amsterdam (NL) and Wilhelmshaven (G) use this planner to promote their facilities and hinterland connections.

A sample of projects sketching our areas of involvement include:
• Road cabotage in the freight transport market.
• Technical assistance for reform of the Turkish Railways.
• PROMINENT: Promoting Innovation in the Inland Waterways Transport Sector.
• Impact Assessment Intelligent Cargo Systems  (EU study published as book).
• Preparation of EU guidelines for urban logistics