Education and skills

Investment in education and training is crucial for boosting personal development and job prospects of every person. Education broadens a person's horizon and interaction with people of other population groups in our society. Good education and policy are major contributing factors to any well functioning society and strong economy. Education is key to participation of individuals in society. This is of course obvious for children and youths, who will soon become productive members of our society. But it also goes for adults: lifelong learning is a very important theme in national and European policies. Ensuring educational opportunities for everyone will help to secure social justice and social cohesion.

A good functioning national education system has to do with quality, accessibility and cost of education, organisation and policy and the correlation with the labour market. Nowadays, there’s also the growing internationalisation factor to be considered.

Sample projects, please contact us for specific references:
• Evaluation of European Social Fund support to Lifelong Learning
• Teaching and Learning International Survey 2013
• European Vacancy and Recruitment Report 2014 (who is needed where)
• Support to employment and Technical and Vocational Education and Training reforms in Jordan
• The EU tools for recognition of skills and competences and the labour market