Security is a cross-sectoral challenge that affects vital infrastructures at every level of development. Hazards and vulnerabilities are changing and new threats are emerging. Natural and man-made disasters are becoming increasingly inter-linked and the potential impact of security incidents has soared, helped by the high level of connectivity of our societies.

As a result of this complex security landscape, governments, businesses, local communities and individuals are faced with complex trade-offs and other uncertainties that makes it difficult to make informed, strategic and operational decisions.  

The Ecorys Security Unit is a multidisciplinary team of principal, senior, medior and junior consultants that provides analytical and practical support to policy makers at local, national and international level. The Unit’s expertise is recognised by national governments, the European Commission, the European Parliament, EU agencies, and industry organisations.

We offer a broad range of services across the policy cycle: from research to policy development and advice, through to implementation, monitoring and evaluation.  We meet the needs of our clients with a strong trackrecord in both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Our work is organised across six domains:
- Disaster risk and crisis management (including CBRN/E)
- Crime, justice, and radicalisation
- Security sector and market studies
- Governance and defence
- Transport and border security
- Cyber security and data protection

Sample projects, please contact us for specific references:

  • Mapping research into Disaster Risk & Crisis Management and Building a Community of Users
  • Study on the development of statistical data on the European security technological and industrial base 
  • Study on minimum sanctions in the EU member states 
  • Study on high-risk groups for trafficking in human beings
  • Action Plan for an innovative and competitive Security Industry
  • Civil-military spin-offs in the field of security in the European Union
  • Establishment of an European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO)
  • Needs assessment on tools and methods of financial investigation in the European Union
  • First Responders - Identifying capability gaps and corresponding technology requirements in the EU

For more information about our projects and studies, please contact:

Ecorys M&C
T +31(0)10 4538 800