Capacity development South Sudan


The Government Accountancy Training Centre





Support to the Government Accountancy Training Centre (GATC) in South Sudan

South Sudan is a new nation with enormous development challenges. The nascent civil service lacks basic skills in bookkeeping, accounting and public financial management. The Government Accountancy Training Centre (GATC) has been set up to deliver training in these skills to government officials at the central, state and county level. While the GATC has established itself as a useful venue for a variety of training sessions, much work remains to be done to strengthen the institution, to improve the physical infrastructure, and to extend relevant training programmes for South Sudanese civil servants.

Ecorys has led a consortium that has supported the GATC in three ways. It has built the institutional capacity of the GATC, it has improved the quality of the training sessions and it has helped develop the public financial management capacity of local government.

For more information, please contact Ivo Gijsberts.