Ecorys represented at Final Conference ‘Preparation of Actions in Regional Development Armenia’

On July 19the the final conference of the EU-funded project ‘Preparation of Actions in Regional Development in Armenia’ was organized in Yerevan. The beneficiary of the project is the Ministry of Territorial Administration, other beneficiaries are the Marzes (regions) of Armenia outside Yerevan.
The project, which has run for almost four years, has met the following objectives:
1. Secure Management and Development of the Regional Development Action Plan (Armenian RD Strategy 2016-2015)
2. Establish Sustainable Regional Development Funding, Mechanism and Networks (Adoption RDF Funding Mechanism in July 2017)
3. Promote and Deliver a Grant Scheme for Regional Development Projects ( 7 projects selected and running, creating around 500 new jobs, supporting 320 enterprises in increasing competitiveness, with a special focus on the least developed regions. Two more projects to be selected soon).
The conference was attended by over 100 participants throughout Armenia, with key-note speeches from Minister Davit Lokyan, Deputy Minister Vache Terteryan, Project Director Atze Verkennis (Ecorys) and Team Leader Robert Girejko (Ecorys).  From the Armenian side it was concluded that the project has been able to create a real mind-shift in Armenian thinking about regional development, from which the country will benefit in the near and far future. The project has created a sound and sustainable structure for regional development in the country.
For more information, please contact:
Atze Verkennis