Ecorys finalises TTIP study for the European Commission

Similar to the trade agreement with Canada (CETA), and the trade in services agreement (TiSA), the future trade agreement with the US (TTIP), has been a hot topic in the past few years. Ecorys has been contracted by the European Commission to conduct a Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment (Trade SIA) regarding the TTIP agreement. The study has looked at the potential economic, social (including human rights), and environmental impacts.

During this three year project Ecorys has published several reports. The approach and methodology have been presented in the first report, the Inception Report. The Interim Report contained the overall economic, social, and environmental impact analyses, as well as six tailored case studies. During the final phase we have taken a closer look at seven different manufacturing and services sectors, and provided the conclusions and recommendations. The recommendations concern the above mentioned topics and the mitigation of potential negative effects. Today (31 March 2017) Ecorys has completed the study and published the Final Report.

A draft version of all three reports has been published and presented during workshops and civil society dialogues. During these meetings stakeholders have had the opportunity to provide feedback and input. The Final Report, as well as the Annexes and the executive summary (English, German, French) can be downloaded from our project website:

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